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The King’s Deli Kingdom is expanding at a fast pace across the UK and overseas.

We have customers in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Hungary, Malaysia, Dubai, Bahrain, Taiwan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Canada and of course, the United Kingdom. All enjoy our expertly managed product, service and great British taste! You can buy bulk crisps from The King’s Deli and enjoy the great taste of our range sooner than you think. Our innovative triple laminate packaging means there is minimal disruption when in transit, so your crisps stay fresher for longer. Make The King’s Deli your go to wholesale crisp suppliers today!

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Crisp Flavours Available for Reselling

Bulk buy any of the flavours from the selection of The King’s Deli’s real, hand cooked crisps. With something for everyone, our flavours range from your simple sea salt to tasty paprika, the perfect collection for every business. As we are constantly experimenting and inventing new flavours, don’t forget to keep an eye out for any new flavours for export worldwide too!

Salt & Black Pepper

Salt and Black Pepper Crisps

You can’t beat a classic, and salt and black pepper is one of our favourite flavours. All our crisps are hand cooked for the perfect crunch whilst you enjoy a right royal treat.

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Sea Salt

Original Sea Salt Crisps

Pair The King’s Deli Sea Salt crisps with a sandwich for your lunch or enjoy as a stand alone snack. Made from the finest potatoes, sunflower oil and sea salt, our potato chips are vegan friendly and gluten free!

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Honey BBQ

Honey BBQ Crisps

Mix smoky with sweet with our Honey BBQ crisps. With a tempting blend of ripe red tomatoes, red pepper, smoked salt and red onion, this is a treat that’s not to be missed!

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Cheese Crisps

Is there anything the UK loves more than cheese? Try our tasty cheese flavoured hand cooked crisps today. With real cheese in the recipe, have a closer look at the cheesiest crisps on the market.

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Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar

Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar Crisps

Why not try the latest in our collection, a twist on the classic salt and vinegar? The balsamic balances out the sharp sea salt for an explosion of taste with every bite.

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American Sticky BBQ Crisps

Experience a truly authentic taste of America’s southern smokehouses on a beautifully handcooked British potato.

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Jamaican Jerk

Jamaican Jerk

An exciting new combination of delightful flavours that will soon become your favourite crisp!

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Katsu Curry

Japanese Katsu Curry

Enjoy the delicate fusion of aromatic five spice, onion and garlic in our Japanese inspired Katsu curry flavour crisps.

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Sriracha Chilli

Thai Sriracha Chilli

Discover the fiery and mouth watering flavour of the sriracha chilli on a crunchy hand cooked crisp.

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Become a Stockist of The King’s Deli Crisps

When you stock The King’s Deli crisps, we work alongside you and your store, providing products and incentives to help boost your sales. Our team will send a sample box to display your order of King’s Deli crisps which you can place at an impulse counter or by your checkout for a grab-and-go snack for your customers. We can also provide your shop with larger display units in eye-catching designs.

The King’s Deli understands that sales don’t stop at your store, so our marketing team will tailor social media posts and competitions specifically for your business, which will benefit you as a wholesaler as well as your customers. Recent competitions have gained the attention of thousands of social media users, so when you become a stockist of the King’s Deli crisps you will also have potential access to a larger social media following.

Wholesale Crisps Delivery Worldwide

Become a part of The King’s Deli family by placing an order with us. Our team will work to build a rapport with you and understand your business, ensuring the success of the products you buy with us. The King’s Deli team go the extra mile to work together with our customers to ensure repeat sales and excellent rewards! Buy your crisps online through The King’s Deli and you can get the best wholesale crisps in the UK. Take a look at our full range of hand-cooked crisps here and see which flavour tickles your fancy.

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Speak to our sales team directly to find out about display stands, exclusive offers, worldwide delivery and much more! You can call now on 0151 488 7812 or enter your details in the trade enquiry form below and a member of The King’s Deli will be in touch.

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