Our Crisps Are Stocked In A Variety of Different Markets

At The King’s Deli, we set out to produce a high-quality premium product that we could ship globally, so that no matter where you are in the world, you would be able to enjoy our range of hand-cooked crisps.

The success of this lies with our brilliant and committed team, who do various market visits across the world, ensuring you get the best out of our selection!

Our crisps are stocked in a wide range of markets

By visiting markets in countries far and wide such as, Spain, Malta, Dubai and Malaysia, we can further understand the retail landscape of each location.

To help enhance the brand we dedicate time to communicating with stores, whether that be through meetings with store managers, offering display stands or having promotional periods for our crisps.

In doing so, we learn how best to drive sales, which helps the brand succeed in a new market and continue to grow further.

Our engagement with our markets is vital in making sure our customers experience the benefits of our Kings Deli crisps!

Stock The King’s Deli crisps in your store

We love exploring new adventures and engaging with new markets here at The King’s Deli, so why not get on board and stock our flavoursome crisps in your store?

From our original Honey BBQ taste to Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar, we have created tasty crisps all vegan friendly, to suit everyone.

Whether you’re a supermarket, retail group, or other independent business, we are happy to export our crisps to wherever you are in the world, so join The Kings Deli crew today!

Sound intriguing? Place an order with The King’s Deli today!

If you’re interested in stocking your shelves with our brand of crisps, then don’t be afraid to get in contact with any further questions you have about our products. Visit us online to order wholesale crisps.

If you can’t make it to any of these markets, don’t worry. You can find us on the Smylies shop! Explore a wide variety of other leading brands, such as Cadbury, Heinz and Fanta, and start your order today.

Simply call us on +44 (0) 151 653 3335 and speak to one of our friendly team directly. Alternatively, if you can’t talk write now, then contact us online and drop us a short line detailing your query with your details, so we can get back to you!