Eco-Friendly Crisps
The King’s Deli are proud of the crisps that we produce. Not only are they free of GMO, gluten and added flavourings or preservatives, but they of course taste spectacular! In fact, our salt and cracked black pepper flavour won a Great Taste award in 2017. However, did you know that The King’s Deli crisps are made to be completely eco-friendly? This makes our snacks 100% guilt free!

Eco Friendly Packaged Snacks from The King’s Deli

So, how exactly does The King’s Deli make delicious snacks in a way that is friendly to the environment?

All our potatoes and vegetables are grown in an Anaerobic Digestion Plant (AD), which is an innovative greenhouse type structure that takes organic matter, such as the potatoes that aren’t lucky enough to be turned into crisps and creates a gas which can then be recycled back into the National Grid.

As part of the AD process, an organic digestate that is high in nutrients is used to fertilise the soil on the farm fields, so minimal waste is sent to the landfill. By using an Anaerobic Digestion Plant, The King’s Deli leave no scrap wasted and helps us do our part for the environment.

Here at The King’s Deli, we also have our own gas turbine that produces enough electricity to power the whole site! That’s enough energy for our offices and the AD Plant! What is your business doing to help make eco-friendly differences?

If you’re interested in what flavours we have in stock, then take a look at our range of hand cooked crisp flavours.

Naturally Flavoured Hand Cooked Crisps

To date, The King’s Deli has nine delicious flavours of potato chip ready to be the pride of place in your local supermarket, pub or restaurant. Why not take a closer look at our wholesale crisps?

If you’re interested in stocking our eco-friendly crisps, you can find us on the new Smylies shop! Explore a variety of other leading brands, such as Galaxy, OXO and Maryland, and start your order today.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, get in touch with our expert team to discover the ultimate hand cooked crisps.

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