Crisps Stocked at Chester University

We are now proud to announce that we have agreed a deal with Chester University to become stockists of our 40g crisps in their 8 retail outlets throughout the campus and Chester City centre!

At the Kings Deli we work closely with retail groups, supermarkets, distributors and independent markets across the world to supply our finest selection of crisps.

This exciting new venture allows The King’s Deli to continue to grow and expand reaching new audiences, so how did we get Chester interested?

How did we strike the deal?

The university supplies food to around 20,000 students, and together with Chester City centre, there was the possibility of reaching a huge audience.

The King’s Deli participated in a supplier’s exhibition where all students sampled foods available for them.

With such positive feedback from our hand-cooked crisps from students and staff at the supplier’s fair, this resulted in a listing within the meal deal offerings at each outlet.

What goes into our hand-crafted crisps?

As the crisps went down a treat in Chester, we can explain how our process makes The King’s Deli so loved.

Firstly, nothing about our crisps have come from them being mashed or pressed. Instead, using only British potatoes, we carefully wash and slice them, so they are still complete with their wholesome skin.

After, we kettle-cook them in small batches, and produce gluten-free snacks ready to be seasoned with flavour. Our natural ingredients are the pinpoint to the taste, providing salt and vinegar, sour cream and red onion, and sea salt and black pepper flavours.

Proving we have the best flavours, our salt and cracked black pepper flavour won a Great Taste award in 2017! So, take a look at our range of kettle crisps now.

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On top of exporting our products to the UK, are crisps are also available for worldwide exports! Go online to bulk buy crisps wholesale.

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