Surge in Sharing Crisp Packets as Sales Grow

The UK are a nation of crisp lovers, with an appetite for flavour and crunch dominating our taste buds.

Our love for crisps and snacks hasn’t gone unnoticed, with 2018 seeing an extra £155.2 million worth of popcorn, crisps and nuts being consumed by Brits.

Not only this, but the million-pound figure produced in The Grocer’s Top Products Survey 2018, was led by the feasting of larger sharing packs.

So, why has crisp snacking risen in the last year?

A crisp loving nation

Last year saw temperature highs during the summer period, with punters enjoying the sun whilst celebrating the England World Cup success around the country. This played a contribution in the growth of people consuming large sharing packs.

However, the appetite for crisps and snacks has also seen an increase because of consumers eating on-the-go, replacing traditional meal times.

With consumers also looking for a healthier option in their snacking products, Brit’s are becoming more attracted to snacks with natural ingredients. Alongside this, innovations in packaging designs are enabling crisps to become long-lasting in their flavour and texture.

Nevertheless, Brit’s are essentially driven by texture and taste. According to the global market research group Mintel, 59% of crisp, savoury snack and nut eaters prefer a crunchier bite!

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