King’s Deli’s new award-winning crisp flavours

The Great Taste Awards are back! And we’re proud to announce that two of our most recent flavours have won an award for great taste.

The two award-winning flavours are our spicy and succulent Thai inspired Sriracha Chilli and the authentically full-flavoured Carribean Jerk. These are by far some of our most adventurous flavours, and we’re incredibly proud that they’ve been honoured with a great taste award and recognised as the truly tantalising treats that they are.

Sriracha Fired Up The Judges

The first of these flavours is the hot and heavy Sriracha chilli. Packed with a fiery medley of sriracha chilli, garlic and other spices, it packs a heavy punch whilst still being mouth wateringly flavourful. Inspired by the street markets of Thailand, we’ve stayed true and authentic to this, with each bite transporting you to the bustling streets of Thailand. Have you tried our Sriracha chilli crisps yet?

Jamaican Jerk Played It Cool

Another one of our wildly popular world flavours, the Jamaican Jerk has also won an award for great taste. The combination of cayenne pepper, thyme, and cosy cinnamon makes for an explosion of taste, bringing a slice of the Caribbean right to your taste buds! Take a closer look at our Jamaican Jerk Crisps.

There’s Plenty More Flavours To Discover

These are just two of our popular flavours, we have a wide range of different flavours from the basic yet beloved sour cream and onion to our more exotic world flavours like sticky rib and Japanese Katsu curry crisps. Whether you’re a business, pub owner, or average person, we deliver to numerous locations all across the UK and the globe.

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