Brand New Crisp Flavours!

The King’s Deli is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of four brand-new flavours to our existing range of perfectly hand cooked crisps.

To make these exciting new flavours we start by carefully selecting only the best potatoes, cut them a little thicker than normal crisps for a satisfying crunch, and then season them with delicious combinations of flavours inspired from around the world! Better still, all of our crisps are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, meaning that they can be enjoyed by everyone!

American Sticky BBQ Crisps

Sticky Rib Flavour Crisps

British made crisps packed with the very best flavours from our friends across the pond. Think of that legendary road trip across Texas and Louisiana, visiting the very best of America’s famous smokehouses. We’ll let the taste transform you to this happy place!

Thai Sriracha Chilli

Thai Sriracha Chilli

Thailand and Asia’s Sriracha flavour is bursting onto the worldwide stage. Mix this with a King’s Deli crisp and it’s a recipe for success. The smoked paprika and cayenne pepper create the perfect spice making this the new up and coming flavour of the decade!

Japanese Katsu Curry

Katsu Curry Flavour Crisps

You wanted alternative crisp flavours. You have it. One of four new World Flavours for The King’s Deli. A concoction of spice from coriander seeds, ginger and cumin create a perfect flavour to whet the appetite.

Jamaican Jerk

Jamaican Jerk Crisps

Think of all the greatness Jamaica offers and immerse it into a packet of British made crisps. The thyme, cayenne pepper and cinnamon flavours will create that vision of sunset beach BBQs and Reggae music. You’ll be needing more than just a 150g serving…!

World Flavours Available For Global Export

These exciting new flavours will be available in both cases of 24 x 40g and 12 x 150g bags, perfect for sharing or keeping to yourself! All variations of our hand cooked crisps have a shelf life of nine months, making them the perfect product for UK and international wholesale and exportation! If you cant wait for these new flavours, take a look at our full range of real, hand cooked crisps.

Contact The King’s Deli Now to Pre-order These World Flavours

If you would like to pre-order these exciting new flavours, simply contact The King’s Deli sales team directly on 0151 601 8744  or contact us online.