How Are Crisps Made?
There’s nothing better than a great packet of crisps to snack on during the day! Either have as part of your lunch or to throw into your favourite recipe. What better crisps are there than a treat that is fit for a royal, The King’s Deli crisps?With over twelve tantalisingly tasty flavours to choose from, there’s a packet for every mood. But what makes a good potato chip?

How it’s made: The King’s Deli Potato Chips

The King’s Deli don’t just pride themselves on the perfect marriage of spices and herbs on our crisps, but also the method in which our snacks are made.

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What are crisps made of?

A great packet of crisps starts with a great potato. The King’s Deli are dedicated to creating a greener, more eco-friendly way of making snacks, which is why we grow our spuds in an Anaerobic Digestion Plant (AD), which takes leftover organic waste and recycles it into energy which is then put back into the National Grid.

If any potatoes aren’t destined to be turned into a tasty morsel of crisp, then they are turned into power for the rest of our factory, along with our very own wind turbine! How great is that? You can find out more about our eco-friendly crisp methods here.

So, how are kettle crisps made?

Next, our team washes and slices the best, most fresh potatoes from the crop and are sliced into bitesize pieces, with the skin left on for added flavour. The King’s Deli only use whole potatoes, no mashed or pressed products find their way into our triple laminate bags.

Once the chips have been kettle-cooked in small batches, they are hand sorted by our team so that they can see if there are any damaged, broken or over cooked crisps that can be cast aside.

How are crisps flavoured?

Natural flavours come from a natural material; flavours are developed from plant or bacteria by-products, or chemically treated naturally occurring molecules.

We are proud to say that there are no artificial flavours, added colourings or preservatives, MSG or GMO in our crisps and flavourings, making them a healthier alternative to other fried crisps. The King’s Deli range is also gluten free and vegetarian / vegan*. Find out more about The King’s Deli.

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