What are the best British pub crisps?

Is there anything better than visiting your favourite pub to indulge in a pint and a packet of crisps?

If you’re fed up of pork scratchings but still want to satisfy that hunger craving when you’re at the local, then why not go for a packet of The King’s Deli crisps? Not only are our potato chips hand-cooked for great flavour, but they are also a healthier alternative to many crisp brands on the market.

So, what makes The Kings Deli crisps the ultimate pub snack?

Why choose The King’s Deli?

Our entire range is gluten free, and has no added flavourings or preservatives, making them a healthier option than some regular potato chips. Many of our offerings are also vegan, so whatever your dietary preferences, you can enjoy a King’s Deli snack with your mates in the pub.

What is the best crisp flavour?

The best crisp flavour is up to you! But, did you know that The King’s Deli are recipients of the Great Taste Award for our tantalisingly tasty salt and black pepper hand cooked potato crisps?

A delicacy in their own right, The King’s Deli can be enjoyed with just about any beverage, as there are nine delicious flavours to choose from.

Including salt and black pepper, we have tomato & herb, sea salt, honey bbq, cheese, hot & spicy, sour cream & onion and paprika all up for grabs!

Which country eats the most crisps?

Not only do they provide an ideal pub snack, but us Brits love to delve into a packet of our favourite flavour at home too. With such a variety of choice, it’s hard not to grab some during your weekly shop!

Whilst we are one of the largest consumers of crisps, according to the European Snacks Association, consumers across Europe, including the Netherlands, Norway and Spain, purchase more crisps than the UK.

Healthy Crisps Available for Export worldwide

Are you a pub or restaurant looking for a great alternative to the ‘been there done that’ range of snacks available for behind the bar?

The King’s Deli have customers across the world, including the UK, who stock our great range of crisps in their establishments. Your customers will love the exceptional flavours of our range, and you might find yourself sneaking a pack on your break too!

When you order The King’s Deli crisps, not only will you be getting a great selection of crisps for your customers to snack on, but we will also help with branding and sales points, as well as help form our marketing team who will tailor social media posts and competitions for your business. As an eco-friendly choice of crisp, they will also help you achieve a green rating for your pub!

If you’d like to trade with The King’s Deli, simply get in touch with us today to place your order for wholesale kettle crisps.

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