Proud to be partnered with 2U Food

At The King’s Deli, we are always looking to expand and increase the number of stockists who we offer our great tasting, hand cooked crisps to.

This expansion means forming partnerships with businesses all over the globe, and in our latest blog post we provide some exciting news on one of the latest partnerships that we have been able to build!

2U Food now offer The King’s Deli crisps

2U Food is a family business who have been serving their customers with fresh, honest and good food for nearly 15 years. Since their formation back in 2006, 2U Food has gone from strength to strength and are now recognised as one of the North West’s leading catering companies!

There are three main service areas that 2U Food specialise in; catering, food trucks/delivery and vending solutions. A lot of the produce that 2U Food provides is produced in house, with ingredients sourced from the farmland that surrounds their base in Rainford, Merseyside. However, 2U Food also rely on produce from external resources too so they can continue to fulfil their catering, delivery and vending services.

Any external entity that 2U Food partners with needs to share the same fresh, honest and good qualities that the company built its name on, which is why 2U Food has chosen The King’s Deli to help them in satisfying their customers demands.

We are proud to reveal that all the scrumptious TKD flavours will now be available through 2U Food, so be sure to consider them for all of your catering requirements!

Want to add an award winning crisps to your range?

2U Food has been delighted with the quality of crisps, and overall service that we have provided since our partnership began.

But why are The King’s Deli crisps so popular? Well firstly, our crisps go through a delicate hand cooked process before going into the bag. We wash and slice only the finest British potatoes, and avoid mashing or pressing techniques to guarantee our crisps come complete with their wholesome skin.

After this, the kettle cook process begins. We only do this in small batches, as this results in a unrivalled crunchy texture. Our delicious crisps are available in a wide range of gluten free flavours, with all made from natural ingredients.

Want to learn more? Check out our range of real, hand cooked crisps.

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